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So true. These days, you need to read between lines, just like the Russians did during the Soviet era, when scrutinizing PRAVDA and interpreting the propaganda, to get an inkling of what is really happening.

I experienced a case of this the other day. While looking for stats on crime in El Salvador, I found this article https://insightcrime.org/news/insight-crime-2022-homicide-round-up/

It probably is harsh what's going on in that country. But it puzzled me that the tone was so negative. The murder rate could be below Canada by now, and perhaps the lowest in both North America, Central America, and South America? Could it be because El Salvador has turned to Bitcoin, and this doesn't jive with certain interests?

Another interesting thing I was made aware of by Ivor Cummins (https://odysee.com/@IvorCummins:f/) is that the coldest year the past 8'000 years was around 1870, according to ice core samples, which very precisely report the fluctuations in temperature. If this is true, then it would make sense that it's currently getting warmer. It's the natural thing that's happening, since it can't very well get any colder.

"The BEST Climate Clip I've EVER seen"


ORIGINAL: "We Live in Cold Times"


What remains to be determined is whether humans are behind 0.1% of the changes, 99.9%, or somewhere in between.

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