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Jan Oberg, director and co-founder of the Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, TFF, in Sweden - in 2024.


• Since 1986, TFF - The Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research in Sweden has consistently advocated peace by peaceful means, that peace comes before security and that security requires predominantly civilian, intelligent means.

• TFF is a truly free research and public education foundation established by Drs Jan Oberg and Christina Spannar. You can trust us because we are exclusively people-financed. We refuse government and corporate funding. We are 50+ people - scholars, diplomats, activists, young and old. All unpaid.

• We have been engaged on the ground in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Burundi, Syria and China - conflict analysis, education and peace proposals. We work with and in China, with the NATO-Russia conflict playing out in Ukraine, with alternative defence and security theory and with world order change.

We see it as important to debunk mainstream media’s FOSI = Fake + Omission + Source Ignorance in the field of international affairs.

• Much more - 8000+ articles - on The Transnational since 1986. About TFF director on his personal homepage Jan Oberg. You may also explore his other passion - art photographics - on Oberg PhotoGraphics.

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For a global future that respects the UN norm that peace shall be established by peaceful means. Research-based public education and policy proposals continuously since 1986


Established 1986 https://transnational.live